About Us

Our Vision

Charm City Movers has a different vision for our customers. We are an itemized moving company who moves by the piece. We actually take a list of those pieces you would like to have moved, and with that we can give you a guaranteed rate. No Joke. Our job is to get in there and then get out, ¬†working nothing like an hourly company. There is no travel fee, no hourly rate, and you won’t pay for anyone taking a lunch break or getting stuck in traffic. By taking an itemized list of your pieces we are also able to determine all of the needs of your move and come prepared.

Whether you have a Baby Grand which requires a piano board or you live in a row house where items may need to be hoisted because of tight turns, we have you covered. You will love the personalized service with the itemized list.

It’s Our Reputation

A stack of moving boxes just moved and unpacked by Charm City Movers in Windsor Mill, MDLast year well over 62% of our moves came from either those who had used us before, or were referrals from our repeat customers. Talk about quality! That’s our game. It’s our solid reputation that has built our business.We realize that moving is a big inconvenience for you. That’s why we strive to get the job finished smoothly and in a timely manner. This enables you to focus on your own affairs at hand and return to a normal routine.

Get ready for the easiest move you’ve ever had!