What is a 1-man box and how does it differ from a 2-man box?

You can use boxes, bags, suitcases, crates, rubbermaid totes, any sort of container housing your goods is considered a box. A 1-man is something less than 40 lbs, a 1 person carry. A 2-man gets pretty heavy, over 40 lbs. Most people pack so they can move them on they’re own. 

What do you mean by feet of clothes?

We are referring to the hanging clothes in your closet. Give us an idea as to how many feet you have hanging so that we are able to supply you with a sufficient amount of clothing pads. 

Am I bound to this list or am I able to make changes?

You are welcome to make changes to your list right up to your moving date. On the day of your move you are welcome to make substitutions, additions or subtractions. We encourage you to work within your budget and will assist you with sticking to your limits. 

What do you do to protect our furniture?

All furniture is pad wrapped in order to provide you with the safest move possible.  This is not something you are charged for and is part of our commitment to provide you with the best service possible.

What about moving in the rain, or snow? Will you still move us?

Charm City Movers is out there rain or shine. We recognize that moving deadlines are non-negotiable. We are out there regardless. You may have seen our trucks on the evening news, driving in snow storms. 

Do you provide hourly rates?

We do if we must.  We really prefer not to as we are geared at a more efficient pace.  Our hourly rates are slightly higher than hourly companies for that reason.  Our men will work in at least half the time most hourly companies will.